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Zyrox Granular Fly Bait is a quick acting, ready to use product that helps you effectively control the population of house flies on your property. Its active ingredient is called Cyantraniliprole. This ingredient paralyzes the fly's muscular system, keeping them from getting to unwanted areas. Results are visible within minutes, causing the fly to stop flying, stop moving and then die in short order. Syngenta makes using this product easy as well, halving the amount of bait to apply in comparison to their competitors' bait products. Using different types of chemicals is essential for effective pest control. If you have tried other products before to control the house fly population and they didn't work, then Zyrox Granular Fly Bait is the product for you.

Zyrox Granular Fly Bait 4 lbs

  • See the instructions on the warning label.

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